Ages & Stage

Caterpillars  0-2 years

The Our caterpillars have their own slepp and play spaces, and outdoor play area. A warm welcoming room rich with play equipment and experienced keyworkers, our babies are off to a great start.

The nursery is securely enclosed with keycode door entry, and appropriate safeguarding training is completed by all staff.  We know the importance of mutually trusting relationships between staff and parents, and the value this brings to each child's development and routines.  A book is provided to share information from home to nursery, and is used to also inform you of your child's day, activities, diet and sleep patterns.  

The nursery provides fragrance free wet wipes or cotton wool depending on your preference.  All meals can be provided on site (pleaase speak to the administrator).  We ask that you provide nappies, as everychild uses a different product, and spare clothes.

Butterflies   2-3 years

Our Butterflies have merged with our 3 & 4 year olds.  This is because research from Ofsted Early Years suggests that younger children have more learning opportunities when playing alongside their older peers.  With an environment richer in language and broader play opportunities, these children benefit from greater challenge with appropriate adult support.

Staff encourage good manners, support the use of everyday life skills such as using cutlery, drinking from a cup, pouring drinks and toilet training.  We work with parents/carers to reduce the use of dummies as this affects children's language development at this stage, and can be orthodontically detrimental.  Please speak to your child's keyworker if you require assistance with any of these areas.

Ladybirds    3-5 years

Much of the learning that takes place in our ladybird room is child led. Staff plan for a wide range of learning opportunities to take place, but we know that children learn best when we follow their interests. With this in mind, staff are trained to track and support these very important learning opportunities.

With a wide range of resources, interesting books, and exciting playspaces, the children can make friends in an environment in which they feel safe and secure.  With free flowing in and outdoor playspaces, your child can choose to put on a rainsuit and splash in puddlles in the rain, or sit down with their favourite book if they prefer a quiet space on their own or with an adult.

Snack time is always any important part of the children's day, and self service 'Cafe Snacks' allows your child to eat when they are ready.  If they are enjoying a particular activity, why leave it, when they can have snacks a little later when they are ready.  They can choose from a selection of healthy choices, and sit with their friends to enjoy this very social time.  

The Ladybirds are very much preparing for school readiness, enjoying play, recognising their name in print, hanging their coats on their peg, eating and drinking independently, learning to sit through a story, toilleting and handwashing, some of the skills they will need on entry to school.  Staffencouragwe independence, and offer support where required recognising every child is different.

Holiday Club under 8's

A wide variety of activities are available during the holidays to suit various interests.  Creative, sporting, baking, theme days such as Pirate parties, football coaching, puppet and bracelet making.  Please contact the administrator for current availability.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The focus on children as unique learners who do well in enabled environments, with guidance on the learning and development reequirements can be found in the Early Years Foundation Stage Publication.

Early learning covers the three prime areas, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development.

We as providers must also support Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design in addition to the above.  We must acknowledge active learning and help children become critical thinkers, developing their own ideas and strategies.

We work closely with parents to achieve this, sharing your child's learning journey, asking you to contribute to it, and help us best support your child's learning opportunities.  You are the most important person in your child's life, and we recognise that you are your child's main teacher.  We are here to support that learning, to help your child reach their full potential.  We work closely with local schools to ensure a smooth transition when your child  is ready.